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Updated: Aug 28, 2019

If you can’t answer the above question without hesitation, then you’re probably not getting the most from your technical devices. From computers to phones, and tablets, technology is getting more advance than ever, and they’re more than for just basic communications and entertainment. If you use them properly, they can become your most helpful resource.

I depend on my devices heavily, constantly exploring its features, and searching for ways to organize my daily schedule, and streamline my communications. To get the best out of your technology devices, means you need to know your devices and explore its capabilities. Read the manual to learn how it can assist you, while finding ways to incorporate it into your daily activities.

The things I do mostly with all of my technology devices is to customize them in ways to make them into my own personal assistant. From setting up reminders, to managing my calendars and emails as well as monitoring all of my business and websites activities. Your mobile devices should always be considered as one of the most helpful investment you will ever make. Now I ask you again . . . Are you getting the most out of your technical devices?

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