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Investing In Your Technology Media Ministry!

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Being computer illiterate is not a legitimate excuse when the need for having a Technology Media Ministry in your church is essential to get your church vision outside the walls .

While the world is growing at a rapid rate everyday, many churches are falling behind, because they refuse to adapt to, as well as, invest in tools necessary to reach the masses.  It amazes me when I hear people say; "I'm too computer illiterate, I really don't know enough about computers to use it to promote our ministry". Just imagine if pastors claim to be bible illiterate, as the reason why they cannot successfully teach God's message. Imagine how much chaos the church would be.

If you want to have a successful Technology Media Ministry, you have to develop and train people who are willing to make the commitment to do the job. You will often find that most people who are eager and committed to do the job, is not skilled to do so, and those that are skilled in technology, are more focus on earning a paycheck than devoting time to ministry. So how do you address such challenges? You address such challenges by first having the right equipment in place, and second, be willing to invest in training for those who have the heart and commitment to perform the job. This often requires hiring someone to come in and train, or enroll your ministry team in workshops and seminars whenever possible. If you want to build a successful technology media ministry, you need a room equipped with computers, internet access, and printers.

Ministry is often a revolving door in which people are constantly joining the church and leaving, so unless you setup a technology room with equipment dedicated to doing the job, you will always be crippled when people leave, because you rely on them to invested in their own equipment to do the job, and when they leave, their equipment also leaves.

Plain and simple . . . If you invest in the equipment necessary to run a successful Technology Media Ministry, God will certainly send the right people committed to doing the job! Don’t just use technology . . . STEP UP YOUR KNOWLEDGE WITH TRAINING! #TECHNOTES

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