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Updated: Apr 6, 2020

We cannot continue to look at today’s event as separation of people from the sanctuary, but instead we have to see it as being caught off guard or better yet, unprepared. There is no greater time than ever that the the body of Christ is highly needed, especially with a government that presents us daily with misstatements and confusions. The voices of righteousness needs to heard more than ever. As a technology engineer, I have advised many ministries to invest in technology for the purpose of expanding its reach outside the walls of the sanctuary, but for many, just trying to implement technology has been financially challenging.

Technology is essential for all ministries today. It must become a vital tool in building and expanding ministry’s reach. Millions of people are on Facebook and other social media platforms daily, and It is certainly a place where many people are hanging out, often being consumed by God knows what. But it’s through these isolation times we are currently facing, I’m seeing how effective the the body of Christ can be, and has become, as many have begun to administer their worship services, and bible study teachings on social media platforms.

People who have never went to church is now watching church services on social media. Many people are scared in these trying times, and with such fears in their hearts, they are positioned to listen, therefore, now is an opportunity for the the body of Christ to expand outside of it’s walls and flood social media with the word of God. You have an opportunity now to plant God’s word even deeper in this these platforms. This is certainly something we as a church should have been doing all along. Investing in technology needs to be injected into the forefront of your ministry, because these are the very tools that the devil is using to distract God’s people.

It’s Time To Wake up Church! We must open our eyes to see that the days of just having worship services in a building is no longer guaranteed. We now see from these current event, that we have to prepare ourselves, and invest in technology which helps to keep our services in the presence of God’s people. We ought to be flooding social media with content just as the devil is flooding it with foolishness . Our voices should be a constant stream in news feeds throughout every social media platform. We cannot continue to sit back and complain about the building we are being restricted from, but we must deploy ourselves, and release God’s word into the world like never before. We, the body of Christ must become the good news, we must sound the alarm of repentance and seeking forgiveness. We are the church, we are the instruments in which God needs to go out in all the earth to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Every month we’re often taking in thousands of dollars, but very little of it goes towards technology planning and implementation. Why are we as a church, not investing in educating our leaders, through workshop and training which focuses on teaching people how to use these tools? Technology requires an investment, but as you can see during a time such as we are experiencing today, it’s an investment that’s well rewarded. Implementing technology takes time, it requires people with the knowledge to implement it and to run it, and many of these people are sitting right in your services. But I’ve witnessed it time and time again, that a lack of participation of the people in your ministries, is mostly due to a lack of technology available to keep people interested in becoming part of your technology media team.

Today I encourage every ministry, to look beyond the walls of our sanctuaries, to embrace technology as a way of expanding our reach. Take it more seriously and make the investments needed in order to put together solid platforms. Technology can keep your ministry stabilized when we’re face with times such as these which drives us all into isolation. Don’t just use technology . . . STEP UP YOUR KNOWLEDGE WITH TRAINING! #TECHNOTES

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