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Your mobile devices has backup capabilities built in, but you never back up your devices. Then suddenly something happens to your device, it is damage beyond repair, and you need to backup the device, but you can’t because you cannot access your device to back it up. Oh my God! You shout out; What am I going to do? I cannot back up my device now! This is something that has become far too common with many of us. How often do you have to loose your data before we become more responsible in how we manage and backup our data? . . . So to answer your question; What are you going to do? . . . The answer is very simple . . . You will mostly have to suffer the consequences of losing your data depending on the extent of the damage to your device. If you haven’t yet experience this, then I hope that this encourage you to use the tools available to you, and back up your devices regularly. Or else, suffer the consequences. Don’t just use technology . . . STEP UP YOUR KNOWLEDGE WITH TRAINING! #TECHNOTES

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