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Meet Roland Gaskin

Author - Photographer - Technology Engineer - Trainer 

Roland Gaskin has over 17 years experience in a Technology Design and Audio-Video Production Engineer. He specializes in designing and setting up computer labs, ministry media departments, recording studios, small business network infrastructure and administering technology training workshops at seminars, Web design, and speaking and teaching at ministry conferences.

Roland has served for over 6 years as a certified Product Testing and Technical Specialist for Microsoft Corporation, testing and grading solutions for prerelease Microsoft software to help determine its efficiency. Roland is a highly trained certified Recording Studio Production Engineer and Video production Engineer specializing in computer music technology, studio designs, video editing, songwriting and music productions. His ability to bridge the gap between technology and media production in ministry continues to keep him in high demand.


In 2006 Roland developed STEP-UP TRAINING, a ministry training program for leadership teams. His newest training course, TECHNOLOGY IN MINISTRY has been one of the most popular ministry training courses for the past few years. These workshops and seminars are currently being taught at various Ministries, Education Facilities and Small Business and Non-Profit organizations around the Region.

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Roland has a degree in Microsoft Network Engineering and a minor in Studio Productions Engineering. He has completed rigorous training in a Microsoft certified training academy with emphasizes on MCSE and Comptia certification training. Over the years he has obtained certifications as a Microsoft product specialist, International Conference trainer, Technical trainer / writer, direct pc certified, Broadband certified and certified Technical Support Specialist, all of which has become vital for his success in the technology and entertainment industry.


For the past several years Roland has served a a consultant overseeing recording projects, live recordings, and other small productions, as well as becoming one of the most sought after producer for helping artist and entertainment companies successfully complete their projects. When you contract Roland to help you, you've already chosen the best man for the job.

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